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Choosing the perfect egress window

You probably know adding an egress window to your basement is a great way to add space, value, and safety to your home. But, what you may not have known is that they can also be a beautiful feature in a home. There are countless different options for egress windows, from rustic, to modern you can design a egress window that fits your homes style.

Type of window

Choosing the right window is not only important for style, it is also important for function. A high quality window can save energy and money.


Casement egress windows are the most popular style of egress window. This is because their design allows them to easily meet egress window minimum opening safety standards, while remaining small. Casement windows swing in or out to open. This can be a great choice for someone with a small space, or someone on a budget.

Single and double hung egress windows:

Single hung windows slide up to open from the bottom. Double hung windows can open from the top or the bottom. These types of egress windows have to be larger to meet safety requirements. This is a great option for adding more natural light and air into your basement.

Sliding windows:

Sliding egress windows slide open horizontally. Like Single or double hung windows, they have to be larger to meet safety requirements. Larger egress windows can add more light and ventilation.

Window wells

The type of window well you choose for your egress window is really where the design aspect comes in. The style of window well is important for matching the aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve.

Galvanized steel:

This is the most popular window well option because galvanized steel is durable, and very versatile. There are so many different options with this type of window well, classic silver, brick or stone faced, painted white. You can customize this window well to match any style.

Brick or stone:

A custom brick or stone egress window well can be a beautiful feature. Brick and stone are both timeless materials. This style of egress window well will add a very charming look to your home, that will last a lifetime.


Pressure treated wood is a beautiful way to customize an egress window. This will have a very rustic, classic look. You can completely custom design this look from the shape, layout, and design.

Egress window well covers:

Egress window well covers fit overtop of your window well. They protect your window well from debris, water, and snow.

Bubble and slopped shaped:

The shape of these egress window well covers helps keep water out of your well. Typically, they are clear, but can come in different colors. A clear window well allows more light to shine in. These keep debris from getting inside of your egress window well, and match any style.


Grate window well covers are typically made out of steel and are very durable. They can add a very rustic, cool look to your egress window.

Flat well covers:

Flat egress window well covers lay flush with the ground and are clear. Like bubble shaped well covers, they are translucent which can boost the amount of light you get. Although they don’t slope water away from the well, they still do a great job of keeping debris and weather out.

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