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Common signs of foundation problems 

        Foundation cracks Horizontal, Verticle, and stair-stepping cracks are all common problems for homeowners.

        For more information about foundation cracks, Click Here 

       Bowing in, or tilted basement walls When there's too much hydrostatic pressure on your foundation,

          it can cause your wall to bow or tilt. Indications of a bowing or tilting wall are large horizontal cracks or sheering walls.

       Unlevel floors can be an indication of structural problems with floor joists, main beams, joists hangers and

         other structural components of your house.

       Cracks in walls Issues with the foundation of your home can actually cause damage throughout your entire house.

         Cracks in upper floor walls can be an indication of foundation issues. 

       Crumbling bricks It's very common for brick foundations to have damage. If you have a brick foundation with 

          bricks that are crumbling, falling apart, or have large gaps in between them, your wall may not be structurally sound.  

Foundation Repair Solutions 

Since every home is different, every solution is going to be different. Our company makes personalized solutions for each home we visit. Just give us a call to get your free estimate. Then, we’ll send you a customized plan to solve your foundation troubles based on your budget and needs. Below are a few options that may be right for you. 

Exterior Waterproofing

Waterproofing the exterior of your home not only keeps your home dry, but it also keeps hydrostatic pressure off of your foundation walls. When water is putting pressure on your foundation, which can lead to bowed, sheered off, or tilting foundation walls.  

Exterior Waterproofing .JPG

I Beam Installation

We use galvanized steel I beams and place them horizontally along the basement wall. The I beams put pressure on the wall, preventing the foundation from moving in. This coupled with exterior waterproofing, which eliminates hydrostatic pressure, keeps your foundation structurally sound. 

Springfield Il basement waterproofing

Straightening the wall

If you have a bowed or tilted basement wall that you want to stabilize, It's important to move that wall back into its original place. To do this, we begin by excavating along the wall on the exterior to relieve the lateral pressure bring placed on the wall. We'll move the wall back into place using hydraulic jacks.  


Foundation Wall Replacement 

In extreme cases, your foundation wall may need to be rebuilt. This can be done using CMU blocks or poured concrete. While this may seem daunting to homeowners, our team focuses on stabilization and safety to help keep your home intact. 

foundation wall rebuild.JPG

Foundation Repair Costs

Since there are so many different ways to repair a foundation, costs can vary greatly. We are committed to finding the best solution that meets your specific goals and budget. However, you should know that foundation repair is an investment in your home, and that’s not always cheap. We encourage every homeowner to consider what they are getting for the cost of their repair. Some companies may offer a lower price, for a lesser quality repair that will not hold up. We use high-quality materials and techniques that are tried and true. Companies that offer you the cheap solution are often compromising quality. Our company is different. We consider a customer’s budget and make a plan that will actually work. However, if budget is a concern, you can fill out our financing form by clicking here. Call today to schedule your free estimate and get your personalized plan in. Serving Springfield Il, and the surrounding areas of Central Illinois.

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